Dope Drums Vol. 4 [Free Sample Pack]

Let’s face it. You can never have too many drum samples. 

During the sound design process for Dope Drums Vol. 4 special attention was given to ensuring that the drum elements complimented one another in a mix, and drum transients would cut through to give producers the punch needed for beats that slap. 

Here we have 64 one shot drum sounds for your never ending collection. 

16 dope kicks. 

16 dope percs

16 dope snares and claps

16 dope HiHats

The sound sources used to shape these samples are unique to this sample pack and were recorded in early 2021.

Sources include cable noise, various acoustic snare drums, shakers, HiHats and other cymbals, rice on a paper plate, matchbox cars on a table, a trash can, and other various household items. These raw recordings were trimmed, combined, sculpted and refined into drum sounds that are ready to be loaded into your favorite DAW or drum machine.

Happy beat making!


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