Cool Keys Vol. 1 [Sample Pack]

Cool Keys Vol. 1 contains 8 carefully crafted electric piano chord progressions. Each of the 8 progressions is four bars long.

The pack includes 8 audio loops (BPM and loop key are part of each file name), 8 MIDI files, and 32 individual chord chops (Chord ID in each file name). The chops are the same audio as the loops, so if you prefer to chop the samples yourself, go ahead and delete the chops folder.

Cool Keys Vol. 1 is 26.2 MB in size.

Cool Keys Vol. 1 is the first sample pack in a series. Be sure to check out Cool Keys Vol. 2

If you used these samples in a beat or other project, feel free to promote it in the comments below! (Don’t worry. I will never ask for credits or royalties for ANY work produced using samples or midi provided here)

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