Riffs & Rhythm Vol. 1 [Sample Pack]

Riffs and Rhythm Vol. 1 is a collection of 12 lead guitar riffs, 10 rhythm guitar loops, and 6 strummed chords arranged, performed, and recorded by Romanian singer/songwriter YCCMD (Spotify, YouTube).

All samples were recorded in 24 bit 48000 Hz at 100 bpm in the key of C. 

In addition to the electric guitar samples as originally recorded, each sample was also processed through 3 different effects chains. Fuzz with amplifier simulation, reverb with light chorus, and both. The Drum samples used in the Demo track below are from Dope Drums Vol. 1 

There are 112 Stereo WAV files in all. The pack is 310 Mb in size. 

As with all Sampletopia content, these samples are available for free with no royalties, attribution, or payment of any kind required ever. Check back periodically for more free loops and sample packs.  Donations are welcome. 

Visit Sampletopia.org often for new loops, sample packs, hip hop drum kits, and other free offers from Sampletopia!

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