BusyLoops Vol. 2 [Free Sample Pack]

This sample pack includes 10 banks (A-J) of 12 loops, for a total of 120 audio loops in WAV format. Loops include drums, percussion, bass, pads, arpeggios, leads, and more. 

Each loop includes the BPM and key in the file name. 
This pack is part of a series. Check out BusyLoops Vol. 1

Busy loops started as a way to get past writers block while coming up with original compositions, and serves as method of quick arrangement for beat making and song writing. I still use this method for song and beat arrangement, but I also view them as a performance tool. 

The idea is that each loop in a set of twelve is loaded to a pad on your sampler of choice, and triggered as needed on the fly as part of a performance.

 If you are using busy loops with the Roland SP-404, SP-404SX, or the SP-404A, than the loops the twelve loops take up an entire letter bank. 

If you are using a sampler with sixteen pads, like an MPC One, MPC Live, or Boss SP-505, there will be four additional pads open in each bank where you could load vocal samples, other sound effects, or transitional one shots. 

In addition to the use cases already described, these loops can also be used stand alone and chopped, pitched and rearranged to fit an existing project, or to get you started on something new. 

No matter how you decide to use this sample pack, the buy content is free, and it always will be. Enjoy. 


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