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Spooky Sound FX [Free Sample Pack]

  Free to use spooky sound effects for all of your spooky audio needs!  Enjoy evil laughs and cackles , bubbling and boiling , blood curdling screams , electricity sound effects , and thunder .  You can use them in a DIY electronics project for Halloween , as background effects for a  spooky song to celebrate the season, or some other third thing! DOWNLOAD

mf Presets Vol. 1 [Free Sample Pack]

  The Arturia Microfreak is quickly becoming one of the most popular modern synthesizers available. Its unique design, intuitive controls, and flexible sound engine have set it apart and made it a future classic.  If you own a microfreak , Arturia offers many free preset packs for you to download and use with your synthesizer. If you want some of that sound without shelling out the cash or the studio space, you can get a taste here.  Music hobbyist  @bolivia_newton_john  has taken the time to load the new Solid Perc preset pack, sample it, and provide those samples for free.  From Arturia: “Percussion, drums, processed, gated From renowned sound designers Solidtrax, this selection of presets uses MicroFreak’s wild variety of sound engines to craft percussive timbres of an unpredictable hybrid nature. Blurring the sonic lines between resonant acoustic percussion and ultra-fat drum machine definition, use MicroFreak to strike your own balance. Perfect for adding punch, color, and text

Retro Drum Machines Vol. 1 [Free Sample Pack]

Retro Drum Machines Vol. 1 is a completely free sample pack that includes 51 samples of PCM sample based retro drum machine one shots that have been carefully processed for maximum punch . Enjoy!   DOWNLOAD Want to hear the music I make? follow me on Bandcamp!