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Auditory Assault Vol. 1 [Sample Pack]

  Auditory Assault Vol. 1 is the first in a series of sounds designed and recorded by experimental sound artist I Divorced Life .  I Divorced Life has over twenty releases over the past 15 years, including soundtracks, collaborations and several full length albums.  Their musical styling utilizes a diverse pallet of organic instrumentation, harsh noise, and synthetic sounds to paint unique auditory musings.  Full Discography:  I Divorced Life   The first sample pack in this collection features over 300 one shot percussion sounds generated from various hardware drums machines through outboard effects.  These unique sounds traverse the sonic landscape and readily lend themselves to EDM, noise, hip hop, industrial , and experimental compositions.  The one shot samples are separated into folders by sound type. The sounds range from traditional drums and percussion , to experimental noise .  DOWNLOAD Stay tuned for Vol. 2! Coming soon!

Cool Keys Vol. 3 [sample/midi pack]

  Cool Keys Vol. 3  includes 10 chord progressions ideal for lofi in particular, but useful for any genre. In addition to the 10 audio files in 16 bit 44.1k WAV, MIDI files are provided for each progression to be used with your favorite synth or plugin.  Total number of files: 20 File size: 22.3 MB  Zip Size: 19.9 MB Cool Keys Vol. 3 is the third in a series.  Also check out  Cool Keys Vol. 1  and  Cool Keys Vol. 2 . DOWNLOAD 


  PO-20 Arcade is 148 Stereo WAV files recorded from the PO-20 Arcade synthesizer from Teenage Engineering .  Although this sample pack does not include every sound you can get from this affordable synth, this sample pack will give you a good idea of what this device can do and give you plenty of sounds to work with.  Originally released in January of 2016, the compact po-20 brought video game inspired sound sequencing to the pocket operator form factor.  Glitchy, video game  sound fx, percussion, arpeggios, And melodic sounds for chip tune , glitch hop , and experimental music.  👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD