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Vinyl Drum Kits Vol 1 [Free Sample Pack]

  Vinyl Drum Kits Vol 1 includes   16 kits, with 4 one shot drum samples each.  16 breakbeats were sampled from classic records , processed, chopped, and labeled. These drums will give you that classic boombap  sound.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! DOWNLOAD Does that make you nervous? Check out  Dope Drums Vol. 1 ,  Dope Drums Vol. 2 ,  Dope Drums Vol. 3 ,  Dope Drums Vol. 4 ,  and  Dope Drums Vol. 5   for royalty free one shots that slap.  Each of the Dope Drums sample packs comes with its own set of strengths, and none of the sounds are recycled or outsourced. The drums sounds found in Dope Drums cannot be found anywhere else, and they are offered here completely free forever .  Vinyl Drum kits Vol. 1 was used heavily in my release, Doppelganger 86 - Garden Party Garden Party by Doppelganger 86 I Want to hear the music I make? follow me on Bandcamp!