BusyLoops Vol. 1 [Sample Pack]

This collection of loops was created with the SP-404SX(A) in mind. 

There are 10 banks (A-J) of 12 loops. All loops have beats per minute and melodic key indicated in the file name. 

Each bank includes Drums, Bass, Chords, Arpeggios, Pads, and Leads. 

 Although the file names are optimized for use in the SP-404SX(A), they can be used with any DAW or sample playback device. 

 There are 120 loop files in all (WAV, 24 bit, 44100 Hz).

As with all sampletopia's downloadable content, these audio files are original content, and are free to use in your commercial and personal projects. 

If you donate $25 to sampletopia through the donate link at the top of the page, 
and reach out to me on instagram @doppelganger.beats 
or via email at hiphops4sale@gmail.com,
I will MAIL you an SD card with the loops preloaded and formatted for the SP-404SX/A. 
Donations help to pay monthly server costs.


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