Busy Loops Vol. 3 [Sample Pack]


It’s another round of Busy Loops! 10 banks, 12 loops per bank, all original content. All royalty and attribution free

Grab a loop and use it to start a new track, or load all of them to a Roland SP-404SX or SP-404A formatted SD card and perform them as a live arrangement.

You won’t find these loops or sounds anywhere else, and you will never have to pay anything for the sounds. They are free to use in your creative commercial projects. 

All sampletopia sound files will be free forever. No one has exclusive rights to them, and there is no restriction on their use. 

If you enjoy this sort of content, check out BusyLoopsVol.1 and BusyLoopsVol.2

If you’re thinking to yourself  “pssscch. Loops are cheating, bro. I make my own drum loops, chord progressions and melodies and they’re better than anything you come up with and I never collab”, then maybe check out AnalogDrumsVol.1 or DopeDrumsVol.4

Tell me what I should do next!!



  1. There's an issue with this zip file. It keeps failing to unpack properly.

    1. I am unable to recreate this error. Are you having the same problem with other zip files from this site?

  2. No, this was the only one that I've had issues with. I have tried unzipping with Windows Explorer and the latest 7zip. Both of them give me issues when it's almost complete done. 7zip shows it's a CRC issue.


    1. Thanks for letting me know. I’m going to make a new zip file and re-upload tonight.

  3. Replies
    1. Fixed again! What a troublesome pack this one has been.


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