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Soundscapes Vol. 2

  Soundscapes Vol. 2 includes 24 unique soundscapes created using  field samples  and  granular synthesis.   More raw, organic, industrial, droning, creaking, pulsating, chugging, humming, chirping soundscapes ready for your project.  Free to use. No signup, royalties, or attributions required ever. This sample pack is the second in a series. Be sure to check out Soundscapes Vol. 1 If you want to try these out with some experimental drum sounds, check out  Electro Drums Vol. 1 DOWNLOAD

Cypress Vol. 2 [Sample Pack]

  Cypress Vol. 2 is 36 one shots recorded and shaped by 12 year old sound designer Cypress. This is Cypress' second sound pack. The cover art is also by Cypress. Samples include kick drums, snare drums, clicks, sound FX and more.   They are free to download and use in your creative project royalty free.  Also, check out Cypress Vol. 1 DOWNLOAD

Factory Vol. 1 [Sample Pack]

  Factory Vol. 1 is a collection of 47 industrial sounds including 10 instruments (key of C), 19 percussion sounds, and 18 Sound FX .  Use these samples to create music , or as sound effects for film or radio . If you are looking for more Industrial sounds from a robot dystopia ,  check out Soundscapes Vol. 1 . DOWNLOAD

Analog Drums Vol. 2 [Sample Pack]

Analog Drums Vol. 2 is the second in a series of drum sample packs inspired by genre shaping analog drum synthesizers of the past.  This pack includes  137 drum samples with various tuning and decay settings in folders by instrument, plus an 11 sound kit ready to go.  Check out Analog Drums Vol. 1   These recordings are free to use in all creative projects.  DOWNLOAD

Field Recordings Vol. 1

Field Recordings Vol. 1 has a total of 37 field samples including birds, thunderstorms,crickets, wind, and a dog barking.  These samples are perfect for adding organic ambiance to an otherwise stale production.   DOWNLOAD